About Us

Welcome to think42 Labs. Wondering Why 42?
Inspired by “The hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” , the number 42 denotes :‘Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything', we aim to provide service and solutions for anything and everything. With young and dynamic professionals we assure you of delivering a full range of technical support and enterprise consultation. We urge you to come and experience our exemplary techniques of work to create products ,users would simply fall in love with. Our teams use latest technologies to connect and communicate to the clients fulfilling the needs of the customers and bridging the gap between us . Our dedicated employees love to solve onerous questions and bring it down simpler than ever .


We believe in Technology

Technology is involved in every business, it is spanned from softwares in companies to air conditioners used in day to day lives. Technology is constantly evolving , and the young brains of our organisation is game enough to challenge themselves with these newer concepts. We provide strategic results employing engineering muscle to deliver creative yet agile solutions. We encourage our customers to exploit technology and consign greater customer satisfaction . We aspire to tap the potential of the customers endowments by efficiently delivering superior digital experience

Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission, We at think42 labs aim to build technology not as a hurdle but a tool that benefit and enhance in large the life of all makind .We as a team of fresh brains, experts and enthusiasts endeavour to ensure our mission becomes a reality.

Our Vision, We look forward to make technology extra-ordinary. We simplify technology and make it clear and accessible to everyone. We look forward to create a world where there are simpler technology solutions for every problem. Our team love to face challenges and rejoice to experience their perfection. We calculate and prepare for the Ultimate question and end up delivering beyond your mark of satisfaction which encourages you to raise your expectation. We perform multiple iterations on weekly basis to bring out the best from our teams. We also provide prototypes to present to the customers to understand and embed their ideas in the project. Our team of experts are always interested in future collaborations.

Happy employees Happy customers


Our Expertise

Odoo Customization

Odoo is an all in one management software performing accounting, billing, purchasing etc. It is one of the most powerful and open source ERPs.

Help Desk Management

Good accessibility brings greater interaction . Simplicity , elegance and mobility provides a pleasant experience to the user.

Mobile applications

A good understanding of the visual aesthetics and limitations of a smaller output device as these have the potential to change the business interface with the customers.

Web based project

We support and nurture from the very first till the end and deliver the project not just in scope,time and cost but also with great customer satisfaction.

Web Beacons

We proudly announce that we have provided web-beacons to provide instructions for the users in guiding them throughout their journey on the particular website.


We provide high quality solutions to handle organisational tasks,operations and maintenance in an IT related department to help them in their core business.

Start up Services

A group of fresh brains here are thirsty for challenges and enthusiastic to involve ourselves in newer fields of development.

What We Do

More than 2 million users choose Odoo to run their businesses.Some of the largest customers using Odoo products include,

We provide 24x7 support.

Read more about what we do and our philosophy of design. Judge for yourself, the work and results we have achieved for other clients, and meet our highly experienced Team who just love to design.

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